Current Statistics
16080 valid species + ssp.
704350 specimen records
16940 species + ssp. imaged
48336 specimens imaged
211768 total specimen images

AntWeb is the world's largest online database of images, specimen records, and natural history information on ants. It is community driven and open to contribution from anyone with specimen records, natural history comments, or images.

Our mission is to publish for the scientific community high quality images of all the world's ant species. AntWeb provides tools for submitting images, specimen records, annotating species pages, and managing regional species lists. More...

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Featured Curators

Phil Ward
University of California, Davis

James Trager
Missouri Botanical Garden

Lloyd Davis
Florida Ant Mafia

Jack Longino
University of Utah

Corrie S. Moreau
Field Museum

Brian L. Fisher
California Academy of Sciences

Meet the rest of the team!

Many curators already contribute to AntWeb - would you like to join us? Curators can edit the home page of the geographic section they curate, upload specimen data and authority files, and control a number of other aspects of their project. Learn how to submit data to Antweb.

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Enroll in Ant Course
Ant Course is a 10-day workshop designed for systematists, ecologists, behaviorists, conservation biologists, whose research require a greater understanding of ant taxonomy and field research techniques. Emphasis is on the evolution, classification and identification of ant genera. Read More »
Bay Area Ants Survey
The 11-county Bay Area is home to more 100 types of ant species. Visit AntWeb's Bay Area Ant Survey to find out how to become a Citizen Naturalist and help discover and learn about the ants in your backyard, schools and local Bay Area parks.
World Ant Collections
We at AntWeb have been busy taking photos of many of the world's great ant collections. Visit the AntWeb World Ant Collection to see the collections and get information about where they are housed.